LCD or OLED – Computer displays explained

26 January 2017

Displays on Projekt Neptun devices come in many shapes and sizes and they carry all sorts of abbreviations like IPS, WQHD, or sRGB. These abbreviations and the technological details connected to them can tell you a lot about a display’s suitability to a specific workload. With the looming Neptun Wave in mind, it’s the perfect time to explain the key concepts behind the terms used in the Projekt Neptun catalogue of 2017.

Sophos: Our antivirus software recommendation

10 January 2017

Antivirus software is designed to scan your computer for intrusions, viruses and different types of malware. It helps to prevent these programs from being downloaded and executed on your computer. Antivirus software can carry out functions to quarantine and fix infections or at least delete the infectious files. Computer viruses can be a dangerous threat to your computer and privat data and therefore Projekt Neptun strongly recommends to install antivirus software not only on Windows systems, but also Macs.

"Will this run Linux?"

8 December 2016

Hello, we're TheAlternative, a student organization at the universities of Zurich, and we promote Free and Open Source Software. One of the largest is Linux in particular.

Driver updates in Windows systems

1 December 2016

In order to keep your laptop running flawlessly, regular driver and system software updates are essential. Drivers are a class of software that manages the communication between the operating system and the computer hardware. Without drivers, internal and external hardware like a hard drive or a mouse wouldn’t work properly. Old, defective, or missing drivers can diminish the performance of a computer or even cause it to malfunction.

Recovery of Windows systems

12 November 2016

No matter how advanced our modern computers are, there can always be problems. If there is an issue with your system you can either reset, restore or recover, but which option is the best in which context?

Shortcuts for Mac users

3 November 2016

As a follow-up to our post on shortcuts on Windows, we’d now like to show you the most useful shortcuts for Mac users. Like the keyboard layout on Windows, the Mac keyboard layout allows for the use of shortcuts that help work more efficiently.