How do I use cloud services during my studies?

Most people have encountered clouds in some form. The magical storage nobody knows where it comes from. However, clouds are not that magical. Basically, they are a cluster of servers or computers, which provide a service to the user. While most users know clouds as storage facilities, there are also different types of clouds (like for example a computational cloud) but we won’t examine those in this text. This text will talk about storage clouds and how to use these services...

Green IT at Projekt Neptun

9 November 2017

Sustainability is an important factor in the decision for or against a device, but with laptops, it’s often hard to gauge how green a product really is. Even though there are labels that signify some aspects of sustainability in computers, manufacturers usually keep surprisingly quiet about them. Additionally, being green for a laptop means more than that it uses little electricity: sustainability encompasses everything from production, usage and recycling of a device, the social conditions in which the necessary resources...

Upgrading the RAM in your laptop

1 November 2017

RAM is short for Random Access Memory and it is the place where data from running programs and open files resides. Unlike hard drives or SSDs, which are persistent storage devices, the data in RAM is lost after power is shut off. However, RAM offers much higher transfer and access speeds than other types of memory and a sufficient amount of RAM is essential to a modern computer.

Linux Compatibility Review 2017

Many users of Projekt Neptun’s laptops want to run Linux on their machines. Some just want to use the same operating systems they use for university classes, others just prefer it over the preinstalled Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS.We are 'TheAlternative', a student organisation that tries to promote Free and Open Source software at the universities of Zurich, because we believe in the many advantages they bear.

Intel Coffee Lake

11 October 2017

The semiconductor industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It creates technological innovation that is unmatched and we as consumers kind of enjoy it. We may still shake our heads when a new device comes out with higher performance and an even higher price tag than the previous one, but in the end, we still buy it, because we love the feeling of a more powerful tool in our hands than the previous one.

External Thunderbolt Graphics Card Enclosures – Turn on “Beast Mode"

26 September 2017

Thunderbolt 3 has brought a myriad of new connectivity options to the computing world. Using USB Type C as a connector, Thunderbolt 3 offers 40 Gbit/s of low latency bandwidth between external devices and your laptop. Additionally, it can transport up to 100W of power, so you only need a single cable for most applications. Thunderbolt 3 docking stations, for example, allow you to connect multiple high-resolution displays, fast external storage, a network link, and a power supply over one...