MacBook Updates

9 March 2015

At tonight's Apple event, Apple announced that the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13" models have been updated to Intel's Broadwell processor giving these laptops a slight speed up. The flash memory is also a little faster according to Apple. The 12" MacBook will be available starting in April only. 

Apple Store Update

8 March 2015

The Apple Store is currently being updated by Apple and is therefore not accessible. We expect the store to be back online tonight by 9pm (this is just our estimate). We apologize for any inconvenience.

Next Units of Computing Now Available

19 February 2015

The NUC or Next Units of Computing can be tailored exactly to your needs. Choose from a variety of Intel processors (Celeron up to i5), RAM, SSD/HDD, operating system, software and peripherals to create the perfect device for your needs. The NUC shop is now open. The order process and delivery is handled by our partners at AXXIV/Littlebit.

Double Your Chances to Win!

17 February 2015

Double your chances to win and take part in our two contests in collaboration with Orange and Intel. You can win some pretty awesome high quality devices such as the iPhone6, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the new Dell Venue Pro 8 Tablet (the world's thinnest tablet).

Important Notice for PC Delivery Times

10 February 2015

Most products have just been released a few weeks ago and have gone into production at the end of January. The Chinese new year celebrations will take place from 18.2.-25.2.2015 meaning all factories will be on hold during that time. As a consequence we are expecting delayed delivery for most of the laptops. We have pre-ordered more than 1000 devices (expected arrival in CH between 10.

OPEN NOW: Neptun Wave Spring 2015

9 February 2015

All Neptun devices are now online and available to order. For more information on how to order from Projekt Neptun please read the order information. Below you will find an overview of our recommended products.