Neptun Fenster Frühling 2018

12 Februar - 12 März


Intel Coffee Lake

The semiconductor industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It creates technological innovation that is unmatched and we as consumers kind of enjoy it.

External Thunderbolt Graphics Card Enclosures – Turn on “Beast Mode"

Thunderbolt 3 has brought a myriad of new connectivity options to the computing world. Using USB Type C as a connector, Thunderbolt 3 offers 40 Gbit/s of low latency bandwidth...

10% Rabatt aufs Surface Pro 2017 Bundle im Neptun Herbstfenster 2017

Du möchtest ausgezeichnete Laptop-Performance in einem Tablet Format? Du willst überall kreativ sein, lernen, arbeiten und spielen können? Microsoft hält für dich sein neustes Convertible der Surface-Reihe bereit: das Microsoft...

Get Office365 for free!

The new academic year is coming closer and most of you students are right in the middle of the preparations for the upcoming new semester! Microsoft helps you to start...