Öffnung Neptun Fenster Frühling 2017

13 Februar - 13 März


Sophos: Our antivirus software recommendation

Antivirus software is designed to scan your computer for intrusions, viruses and different types of malware. It helps to prevent these programs from being downloaded and executed on your computer. Antivirus software can carry out functions to quarantine and fix infections or at least delete the infectious files.

"Will this run Linux?"

Hello, we're TheAlternative, a student organization at the universities of Zurich, and we promote Free and Open Source Software. One of the largest is Linux in particular.

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In order to keep your laptop running flawlessly, regular driver and system software updates are essential. Drivers are a class of software that manages the communication between the operating system and the computer hardware. Without drivers, internal and external hardware like a hard drive or a mouse wouldn’t work properly.

Recovery of Windows systems

No matter how advanced our modern computers are, there can always be problems. If there is an issue with your system you can either reset, restore or recover, but which option is the best in which context?