Password Managers - How they can make your life easier

You most certainly are aware of the fact that you should use long and complicated passwords. What is more, you should abstain from using the same password across multiple accounts. Of course, using a different 14-character password for every account you own (and there are usually many of them) makes it almost impossible for you to remember all of your passwords. That is where password managers come in.

How do I use cloud services during my studies?

Most people have encountered clouds in some form. The magical storage nobody knows where it comes from. However, clouds are not that magical. Basically, they are a cluster of servers or computers, which provide a service to the user. While most users know clouds as storage facilities, there are also different types of clouds (like for example a computational cloud) but we won’t examine those in this text. This text will talk about storage clouds and how to use these services...

Updated Sophos Installer for Mac

13 April 2015

Recently, there have been issues when trying to update Sophos Anti-Virus. The problem can be solved as follows: