Password Managers - How they can make your life easier

You most certainly are aware of the fact that you should use long and complicated passwords. What is more, you should abstain from using the same password across multiple accounts. Of course, using a different 14-character password for every account you own (and there are usually many of them) makes it almost impossible for you to remember all of your passwords. That is where password managers come in.

How to help your laptop survive an accident

Sometimes, things do not go the way we planned when coffee spills or our precious laptops fall. In this article, we provide you with useful tips on how to deal with accidents or damages concerning your computer.

Feels like Home: How to Migrate to a New Computer

Many users with a new device would like to have an easy way to continue their work with the files and applications from their older device, but migrating all your data manually can be a time-consuming process. An easy solution around this is to restore your files with a backup program. In this blogpost, I would like to introduce you to a few migration and backup solutions for Mac and PC.

HELP! My laptop doesn’t work anymore. What now?

Imagine the following scenario: You are sitting in your Monday morning lecture, it happens to be math and you are carefully listening and writing everything down on your brand-new laptop to the last inch. During the struggle of staying awake and keeping up with the lecturer, your wonderful morning gets spoiled by your laptop letting you down in the moment of truth either by overheating or operating system error.

Peace of Mind: Backing Up Your Data in macOS and Windows

A backup for your computer is essential to prevent data loss. This means that in case of accidental user errors or faulty components in your computer, your data can be recovered from a different storage device. At our help points we still encounter customers who lost their thesis, pictures, or their project data due to one of the many different problems that can lead to data loss.

How do I use cloud services during my studies?

Most people have encountered clouds in some form. The magical storage nobody knows where it comes from. However, clouds are not that magical. Basically, they are a cluster of servers or computers, which provide a service to the user. While most users know clouds as storage facilities, there are also different types of clouds (like for example a computational cloud) but we won’t examine those in this text. This text will talk about storage clouds and how to use these services...