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Three-in-one CLX.ScanMouse 

The CLX.ScanMouse is an three-in-one device: computer mouse, high-performance scanner and document reader. Ideal for use at home, in the office or at school, with an endless variety of applications.

The high-performance scanner is much more powerful than a smartphone. In just a few seconds you can capture anything you want to see on your monitor: pictures up to A3 size, text in 180 languages, or tables directly in Excel. You can decide whether you wish to process the documents in the usual office applications. Or whether you want to share them with your friends directly on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. Every scan is print quality at up to 400 dpi.

The CLX.ScanMouse is the world's only mouse with integrated CLX.PayApp functionality. With a quick swipe over a payment slip reference line (ESR), the data is transferred quickly, securely and accurately to your online banking or payment software.

*price valid until 09 december 2017