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Neptun Compatibles are specially geared towards institutional customers who do not have the possibility of waiting for an upcoming Neptun Wave. The devices offered under the "Neptun Compatibles" label are laptops that have 100% driver compatibility to regular Neptun laptops which makes fleet management much easier. 

Availability: Please note that the Neptun Compatibles devices are only available outside of Neptun Waves. There are some differences to the regular Neptun offer.

Configuration: The configurations are as similar to the Neptun offers as possible, or identical. The offered devices may differ from the Neptun configurations in RAM size, SSD size, CPU speed or battery capacity but it is mandatory that they use the same driver set. Differences - where applicable - will be listed below.

If compatible configurations of specific models are discontinued by the manufacturer, the Neptun Compatible offer for the corresponding model expires as well, i.e. no driver compatibility can be guaranteed. For orders of 25 devices or more, built-to-order configurations are possible. Delivery time for BTO configurations is at least 5 weeks. For BTO offering, please contact us at kontakt@projektneptun.ch

Pricing: We try to negotiate the best price possible. Due to smaller volumes and "the non window character" the devices are, however, slightly higher-priced than during the Neptun Waves.


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