We urgently recommend to install an antivirus software on any Windows and Mac laptop! Projekt Neptun offers the commercial version of Sophos Endpoint Antivirus for all customers with Neptun laptops. You can download Sophos via the Neptun Software Service.


It is recommended to frequently back up your system or at least your user data! Projekt Neptun offers the commercial version of the Langmeier Backup software for all Neptun customers (for back up on a Mac use TimeMachine from Apple). Langmeier Backup can be downloaded via the Neptun Software Service.

Neptun Software Service

Neptun customers may download a full version of Sophos Anti-Virus and the Langmeier Backup free of charge.


Institutional Software

Before buying a commercial software package be sure to check whether your institution might offer it on better terms.


Free (Open Source) Software

Open Source offers are useful alternatives to commercial software packages and easily installable via the Ninite installer.


Commercial Software

Commercial software can be purchased at student prices from our software partners at Studyhouse.