Support & Warranty Information

The  HP Support Center is the direct point of contact for customers with:

  • Devices, which are still under warranty - check your warranty status
  • Devices, which have no more warranty
  • Defective Devices Upon Delivery: Must be reported within 30 days after receiving the device. The step-by-step procedure is described in this document.
  • Order recovery DVD sets

You will need the serial number of the device in order to report a support case: How to identify your serial and product number.

Contact HP Support Center:


Customers with pick up & return warranty are requested to contact the CRT if:

  • Up to 3 days after opening support case no contact has been made with the customer
  • The repair is not completed within 5 days and the customer has not received any status information from HP (eg. spare parts not available)
  • The unit was repaired returned to the customer, but the result is not satisfactory (eg. defect still exists).

We recommend that the customer mentions the word Projekt Neptun in the subject of his message to the CRT.

The CRT can be reached via

Tel.: 044 511 83 48


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