Neptun Wave Spring 2021

15 February - 15 March

Neptun Wave Spring 2021

15 February - 15 March

Warranty Information

Neptun laptops from HP have between 2 and 5 years warranty depending on model and time of purchase. The warranty types for handling repairs are Onsite (a service technician will visit you to repair the unit), Pickup & Return (the unit is picked up by a courier) or Bring-In (the unit must be shipped or brought to an HP service center). The warranty is linked to the devices serial number and the warranty type and duration can be checked online.

Easily replaceable parts that fall into the Customer Self Repair (CSR) category are dispatched directly to the customer. The customer replaces the part and the defective part must then be returned to HP using the enclosed prepaid postage box. Examples of CSR parts are (depending on the model):

  • power supply
  • battery
  • hard disk
  • RAM
  • keyboard
  • optical drive

For any other hardware problems, a service technician will repair the laptop. For repairs under a bring-in or pickup & return warranty, HP will need your device including all equipment to be sent to a HP Service Center. 
If the laptop is covered by onsite warranty a service technician will bring the required replacement parts and perform the repairs onsite, making it unnecessary to send the laptop to the manufacturer. However, it still is possible to send it in should the customer prefer to do so. If the service technician is not able to fix the problem on-site, the laptop may have to be sent to the service center.

Hardware Defect

Report a Dead-on-Arrival (DoA - new device defective upon delivery)

If your device is defective upon delivery - Dead-on-Arrival (DoA) - this has to be reported to the HP within 30 days. The procedure for a DoA is described in this document.

Report Hardware Malfunction (not DoA)

To register a defective device it has to be reported to HP or an HP service partner. The warranty status and duration can be check online by entering the serial number of your device (if the online warranty check is not available, please call HP): HP warranty check

To open a support request with HP a detailed description of the problem as well as the serial and model number of your device are needed: How to identify the serial and model number 

Contact HP Support Center

If a hardware problem is identified, Customer Self Repair (CSR) parts may be delivered by mail for installation by the customer. All other repairs have to be carried out by a HP service technician and HP needs the entire device: Prepare your laptop for service

If the unit is covered by a bring-in warranty, then the device must be shipped to a HP repair center at your own expenses. For a pickup & return warranty HP will send you a shipping box with return label or the defective device will be picked up by a courier.
For onsite warranty repairs a HP service Technician visit you and perform the repairs at your location. It is not necessary to send in the device, but if preferred by the customer, it can be requested. (On-site warranty service cannot always be guaranteed in remote areas.)


Customers should contact the HP CRT for escalation if:

  • You haven't been contacted within 3 days after opening the support case with HP.
  • The repair is not completed within 5 days and you haven't received any status update information from HP (eg. spare parts not available)
  • The unit was repaired and returned to the customer, but the result is not satisfactory (eg. defect still exists).

We recommend mentioning that you are reporting a problem with a "Projekt Neptun laptop". 

The CRT can be reached via E-Mail:

HP Support Links


Support via Chat & Video

Are our Help Points too far away? We are testing the support via chat and video until the end of October! More information including chat times can be found here

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Are you still waiting for your order? You can find all information including the estimated delivery time in the customer account of the respective distribution partner. If you have ordered an HP or Lenovo laptop, HP printer, Dell monitor, 3Dconnexion or Samsung product, you can view your order and delivery time here. If you have ordered an Apple, you can view your order and delivery time here

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