On the merits of Command Line Interfaces

15 June 2017

To many people, Command Line Interfaces (CLIs) seem to be a relic of a long forgotten past, of a time in which computers could only display green text on black background and floppy disks were the storage medium of choice. Nowadays, colorful Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) are the standard for most users. But if you look closely, you will come to realize that CLIs are much more than useless toys for people who got a Commodore C64 for their 18th birthday.

Open Networks as a potential security threat

2 June 2017

We are getting more and more used to being connected to a wireless network all the time, be it in our workplace, at home or in the Starbucks around the corner. Most connections in Switzerland are secured with a rather complex encryption known as WPA2. The Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) is based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and encrypts all wireless communication. The WPA2 standard is considered to be secure for the foreseeable futurey, as deciphering the communication...

Cloud services for students

17 May 2017

Having access to all your data anytime in any place has become the norm for many users. Due to the large number of cloud services and fast home and mobile internet access, tediously shoveling data from one device to another is a thing of the past. However, for some people the negative aspects of cloud storage, like privacy issues and mistrust of certain companies, outweigh the advantages, so they don’t save any of their data on the internet.

Einblick in die Leistungen des Neptun Help Points am Hauptstandort in Zürich

10 May 2017

Der Neptun Help Point in Zürich ist tagtäglich, von Montag bis Freitag geöffnet und befindet sich im ETH Store an der Sonneggstrasse 3. Die sechs Zürcher Supporter versuchen dabei während ihrer Help Point-Arbeit unterschiedlichste Probleme zu lösen. Die Kunden, welche den Help Point am Hauptstandort Zürich aufsuchen, sind unterschiedlichen Alters und sind sowohl Studierende, als auch Hochschulangestellte. Dennoch handelt es sich in erster Linie um Kunden mit einem Neptun-Laptop.

Virtual Reality

3 May 2017

Virtual reality or VR describes a computer generated three-dimensional environment which can be explored or interacted with by a person. VR-goggles are the means to experience and interact with environments through a first-person view. These goggles use displays and lenses to project two separate images into the user’s eyes. Since the two images are rendered as different points of view, this technique enables a sense of depth that is far more accurate than the effect in 3D-movies.

Informatik, Glühweinparties und Studentenlounge

19 April 2017

Der Fachverein Informatik der Universität Zürich, kurz ICU, gilt im Zürcher Hochschulleben als ein sehr aktiver Fachverein, welcher nie stillsteht und schnell das Interesse weckt. Was sind seine Hauptziele und will man aktiv auf Informatikerinnen aufmerksam machen? Auf was achten Informatikstudierende beim Laptop-Kauf und machen sie jemals Feierabend von IT-Geräten? Solche und weitere Fragen hat uns die Vize-Präsidentin des ICUs, Annatina Vinzens, in einem Interview im Neptun-Büro beantwortet.