Neptun Wave Spring 2017

13 February - 13 March

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Demo Day ETH Zürich Zentrum - 21.02
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Neptun Fenster Frühling - Gut zu Wissen

Das Neptun Frühlingsfenster ist nun seit zwei Tagen geöffnet; höchste Zeit also, Euch ein paar wichtige Zusatzinformationen zum Angebot zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Kaby Lake – Intel’s latest CPU generation

Since the last Neptun Wave Intel has been hard at work to bestow some new CPU goodness upon us in the form of their 7th generation CPU series named Kaby Lake.

LCD or OLED – Computer displays explained

Displays on Projekt Neptun devices come in many shapes and sizes and they carry all sorts of abbreviations like IPS, WQHD, or sRGB.

Sophos: Our antivirus software recommendation

Antivirus software is designed to scan your computer for intrusions, viruses and different types of malware. It helps to prevent these programs from being downloaded and executed on your computer.