Période Neptun Automne 2017

4 septembre - 2 octobre


On the merits of Command Line Interfaces

To many people, Command Line Interfaces (CLIs) seem to be a relic of a long forgotten past, of a time in which computers could only display green text on black...

Open Networks as a potential security threat

We are getting more and more used to being connected to a wireless network all the time, be it in our workplace, at home or in the Starbucks around the corner.

Cloud services for students

Having access to all your data anytime in any place has become the norm for many users.

Einblick in die Leistungen des Neptun Help Points am Hauptstandort in Zürich

Der Neptun Help Point in Zürich ist tagtäglich, von Montag bis Freitag geöffnet und befindet sich im ETH Store an der Sonneggstrasse 3.