Neptun Wave Spring 2017

13 February - 13 March


Recovery of Windows systems

No matter how advanced our modern computers are, there can always be problems. If there is an issue with your system you can either reset, restore or recover, but which option is the best in which context?

Shortcuts for Mac users

As a follow-up to our post on shortcuts on Windows, we’d now like to show you the most useful shortcuts for Mac users. Like the keyboard layout on Windows, the Mac keyboard layout allows for the use of shortcuts that help work more efficiently.

Shortcuts for Windows users

In our daily work with our tablets and PCs most of us use a lot of right-clicks and tours through endless menus instead of using keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts using one or more buttons on the keyboard can do a lot of the work for the user when he or she...

Encryption as a data security tool

Expanding on the previous blogposts on the secure deletion of data, we’d now like to give you an introduction to encryption as a further data security tool.