Neptun Wave Fall 2017

4 September - 2 October


Upgrade Possibilities of Neptun Laptops

Laptops get old. We all know this. The hard drive seems ever slower and smaller, the new program you bought needs more RAM than your computer has built in or...

Neptun maintenance series part 2: How to clean your laptop

Do you know that feeling when you find a small black dot on your laptop screen, and, fearing a dead pixel, immediately grab the nearest rag to start scrubbing, only...

Neptun maintenance series part 1: Driver updates on your laptop

Drivers are an important part of our system, yet not many people know what they are, or what they do.

On the merits of Command Line Interfaces

To many people, Command Line Interfaces (CLIs) seem to be a relic of a long forgotten past, of a time in which computers could only display green text on black...